flamingos for rent

Flamingos for rent

Yes, we rent flamingos for birthday’s, anniversaries, or any other occasion to cheer someone up. Walking outside to see pink flamingos in the yard is an experience everyone should have at least once. Flamingos by night delivers 50 pink flamingos in the middle of the night so they appear at dawn. We will be back the next evening to pickup the flock so there will be no cleanup necessary. Our birds are very well trained and fed before they are delivered.


Our standard service covers the Phoenix metro area. Just use our estimator to get a quote for the cost of a delivery. We can make deliveries to other locations in Arizona just give us a call at (480) 483-3200 to get more information. We deliver 365 days a year. All deliveries include a 4″ by 6″ card with a private message for the birthday boy or girl. Flamingos are by far the most popular display that we have. A standard order is based on 50 flamingos, but if you want more just call us so we get you just what you want for the birthday celebration. If you have a birthday party in the evening we can arrange for the flock to stay longer with a late pickup before we whisk away the birds. We are the source for “flamingos for rent” in the Phoenix metro area.

flamingos for rent
A Birthday to remember with flamingos to welcome the day

If flamingos are not what you want we have over forty different displays. For the creative people you can create combinations of displays. Hearts and big red lips for the one you love or tombstones and big red lips to kiss your 40’s goodbye. Flamingos to rent are not your only option, get creative and have some fun. Our customers are our best source for creative displays. You can see more at our Facebook page.