Father’s Day

Celebrate Father’s Day with a lawn display that he will not forget. He may not know what tie you bought for him last year, but this will be memorable.

Father’s Day is a celebration of the contributions that your father has made to make your life better or teach you skills and tools to be member of society. For instance, some people commemorate the day is to send or give cards or gifts to their Dads. Father’s Day is just another way to say thanks for being my parent, guardian, or role model. But, many Dads are all three of these things and much more. Common Father’s Day gifts include sports items or clothing, electronic gadgets, outdoor cooking supplies and tools for household maintenance

Big hearts and Kisses in the front yard as a lawn display

Show Dad some love on Father’s Day


Father’s Day is a fairly new holiday. It was established in the US by President Richard Nixon in 1972. This declaration came 58 years after Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an American holiday. Other early pioneers started to honor Father’s during June in West Virginia and Washington state in the early 1900’s. A bill in congress was first introduced in 1913 but it was not successful.

What to do

There are approximately 70 million fathers in the US. You can guess there are thousands of ways to celebrate Father’s Day. But, our favorite is to flock your Dad’s front yard. You can design your own Father’s Day lawn display to give just the right message. Check our displays page for more ideas. We do the setup and install. We show up to remove the display after the day’s events are over. You just need to make a call. But here is a list of other things that you could do for Father’s Day

  • Go for a hike. Arizona trails are open again in most areas. Check at Arizona Parks for current details about trail closures and restrictions. Look for saguaros that still have flowers.
  • Go fishing. If Dad loves to fish spend the day with him at his favorite fishing hole. Pack a lunch and take some snacks and something for shade. Even a big hat will help with the Arizona sun.
  • Go for a bike ride. Get up on two wheels and take a spin on an Arizona canal. There are no cars or traffic to compete with. Or you can pedal from Scottsdale’s Green belt bike path. From north Scottsdale to Tempe downtown you have 15 miles that is all down hill.
  • Spend some time at Phoenix Zoo. Always a good time for a family outing. They have shade trees and cool drinks to keep you cool on a hot day.
  • Get the baseball gloves out and play some catch. Dad may enjoy this more than you do. Chances are it will bring back childhood memories for him.
  • Schedule a game of golf or miniature golf
  • Take Dad out for an ice cream or frozen yogurt treat
  • Host your own beer or wine tasting experience.
  • Pickup a new game for a family game night. Find a game that is new that no one has played. This works before or after a home cooked dinner.
  • Campgrounds are open in the cool pines. Grab Dad and a tent and enjoy nature again.

Father’s Day lawn display

Ideas for Father’s Day lawn displays

  • Big Red hearts
  • Big Red lips
  • Fish, Lets go fishing Dad
  • Stars, you light up our lives
  • Golf Balls, Lets go golfing Dad