16th Birthday

16th Birthday

A 16th birthday is half way through the teen age years and time to celebrate. Start the day with a surprise in the front yard with big number 16s and any of our other displays mixed to customize the message for your teenager. If you are having a party later that day everyone will know where to go. All of the neighbor hood will know why today is special. This is also just right for a drive by party. Many teens have this day tied to their first drivers license. Just check this video below to get a idea of what can be done for your yard.

Big number 16s and hearts

Turning 16 is a milestone. Sixteen is the middle of the teenage years and the high point of adolescence. Many teens at sixteen are able to see that they can attain a goal that they have wanted since childhood. Others still do not have a plan in mind. But by this time they have good social connections. That means they can impress their friends with the decorations in the yard. Drive by parties are more fun with the big 16s.

Most teenagers really want attention. Putting one of our displays out for the birthday gets the attention many of them appreciate. Whether you accent a sport of just want a fun way to express your feelings your message will be loud and clear.

Big number 16s for your star

Flamingos by night has hearts, golf balls, baseballs, basketballs, volley balls or soccer balls to create the right mood for the great day. You can be creative or browse our display page for more ideas. You can customize the sign for your message for $5.00. A 4 x 6 inch card is also included for a private message for the birthday girl or boy.