40th Birthday

Make a 40th birthday special. Whether you feel like “lordy lordy look who’s 40, being over the hill, or just now hitting your stride it is time to celebrate! This milestone birthday should be full of fun. One of our favorites ideas is to fill a lawn with tombstones and kisses for “Kiss your 30’s goodbye they are dead and gone”. One of our customers created this theme, we need to give credit where due. We provide the tools, they provide the creativity. Now is the time to surround your self with all of your favorite friends and family.

At age of 40, you could have a family. You have had many fun life experiences and gotten around the world a bit. Both success and failure are well known by now. You also have a good idea what type of people make you happy and sad. A 40th birthday is the time to celebrate with friends and family.

Gray hares or Gray hair?

Bucket list

You may have achieved some things on your bucket list with a good idea of what you’ve yet to experience. 40 may be the time a a mid life crisis. A sport car may help, but it is a temporary fix. Consider that you are older and wiser by now. Start new things while you are young and strong. Accept new challenges out of your comfort zone. Spend time in the water scuba diving or surfing. Take that afternoon and go jump out of a plane. Now is the ideal time! Where ever you go, what ever you do grab all you can an enjoy your birthday.

We make sure the front yard expresses your feelings and lets everyone know where you are. This is another milestone to a new decade. Whether you are saying good bye to the last decade or joyfully entering a new one. We help you decorate your font yard. For a laugh or fun. Just call us Flamingos by night (480) 483-3200. We deliver in the Phoenix metro area every night. You can see more examples at our display page or our Youtube channel .