80th Birthday

80th Birthday

Everyone knows your 80th birthday today when your yard is full of big numbers to announce the achievement. Welcome to a new decade. For most people it also marks the year in your life where you have had the chance to see 1000th full moon.

Family and Friends

But this also brings questions. Who will come to see you on your 80th birthday? Your family? How many generations of your family will be there? Your friends? How many old friends do you have left? If you are lucky many people will want to celebrate with you. May your family be there to give you hugs and talk about all of the memories they have.

Now What?

Your 80th birthday should be among the memories. These memories maybe the most lasting thing you give to the younger generations. May you have a joyous day. When 80 Pablo Picasso said ‘Youth has no age.’ He created 140 canvases in his late 80s. Maybe now is the time you test your creative juices. With modern art today anything is acceptable. Learning something new is always good for you.


After for scores of years on this trip to the planet you are considered one of the elder statesmen. Your experience and knowledge exceeds most others. Your consul is far wiser those with less experience. Knowledge is power and you have more than most people. Anyone that knows you should use your wisdom. Just the fact that you are here means you are well above average. Life expectancy today in the U.S. is 78.7 years old. You have surpassed even this. You should celebrate your achievement.


Flamingos by night can help make an unforgettable presentation for the 80th birthday. We have big number 80’s and many other items to mark the occasion. Check our our display page for more ideas. Our Youtube site has current examples of what to expect. We deliver every night in the Phoenix metro area. Call us we can help you create a great memory.