Yard Sign Birthday

A Yard Sign for a Birthday

Yes, you can make a custom yard sign for a birthday with a display from Flamingos by night. Your message will accompany a yard full of your favorite display items. Our signs are 33 inches tall and 24 inches wide. There is space for 5 lines of text with about 14 characters per line. A space also needs to be counted for multiple words on a line. Here are some examples of what our customers have created.

Standard Signs

Yard sign birthday

This is a standard Happy Birthday yard sign. These signs are included in all orders

Happy 55th birthday yard sign

This is a standard Happy Birthday sign with the birth number

Custom Signs

Happy 8th Bird-Day 8 is great sign

Say what you want for a special message

Happy 20th anniversary love mom and dad sign

Everyone will see your message. Leaving no doubt about the celebration

Honk for frank's 50th birthday sign

For a moving celebration or just a drive by event

Go hog wild on your 20th birthday sign

A permission slip for you to have as much fun as possible.

blank is 46 & smoking hot sign

Just perfect for that mid life crisis birthday

Flamingos by night gives you more than just a sign we have over 40 items to decorate your front yard. See some examples at our displays page or our YouTube channel. A picture is worth a thousand words. We give you big items to make a bold statement to everyone about your feelings for the day. Our typical displays fill an average front yard. It may be over powering for a smaller space, but they will get your message loud and clear. If your yard happens to be larger we can increase the size of the display to create an impressive exhibit.

People love to celebrate. As long as anyone can discover we have always made up something make into a big party. Winter festivals for the shortest day, autumn festivals for the harvest, a king’s birthday or a national holiday are all good reasons to eat drink and be merry. We help you make your birthday, anniversary or retirement a celebration that is not easy to forget. Thank you’s for help given is also memorable with flamingos, hearts, kisses or anything else that commemorates the event. Adding joy to someone’s birthday is one of those things that makes someone feel special.

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher appreciation week is May 4th – May 8th 2020. How will you celebrate?

Yes, you can have your favorite teacher’s yard decorated to show everyone how special they are. Make it a special day or week, we have special rates for teacher appreciation week. This is great for a drive by or just for pictures for Facebook memories. At the end of the school year flamingos symbolize it is time to get out out and socialize. Your teacher has been working hard for months. Let them know now is a short break for them. We have custom signs that let you express just what you want. This creates a memory that will last for each teacher. Doing something special is always a way to be remembered. Being remembered this way will bring forth a big smile and sweet memories.

2019-2020 school year

This year brought more challenges than most years. Our teachers did much to support the kids in a changing world. We know they do more than just teach every day.

Flamingos by night can help you craft a heartfelt message in the front yard of your teacher. This shows everyone how you feel. This year may be just the right time to have a drive by celebration. So don’t be shy let everyone know how you feel about this year’s teacher. You can check out our current work at our Youtube site. Our displays fill a average size yard. If you have more space we can customize a larger display for you. We also have a special multi-day rate for teacher displays in 2020. Just call us (480) 483-3200 we can help.

We deliver every night between 11 pm and 6 am in the morning. When the sun rises a big surprise is there for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to tell the teacher how you feel about them. We will return after 7 pm to pickup the display items.

Mom’s Birthday

Mom’s Birthday

Mom’s birthday should be a major event each year. We hope this is the highlight day of her year. Big red hearts and big red lips show you just how special Mom is to you. They are delivered in the middle of the night for a birthday surprise in the morning. Bringing cheer you your day is what we hope to do. Flamingos by night helps you find just the right way to express your love and gratitude for your Mom. Some examples are on this page others can be found on our displays page.

Celebrating Mom calls for memorable way commemorate her birthday. We included a list of birthday wishes for her below. Only you know how special Mom is to you. Craft an experience she will not forget with one of our lawn displays.

Birthday Wishes for Mom

  • To a special Mom. Happy birthday to my hero.
  • Wishing you hugs and kisses from family
  • After my great birthdays as a child it is time to make great memories for you.
  • Happy birthday to the best Mom.
  • I am so blessed to call you Mom, Happy Birthday.
  • In case you couldn’t tell know, you are a fantastic mom
  • Happy birthday to one of the best Moms in the world.
  • Here’s to you Mom on your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Mom. May the day be as beautiful as you are.
  • Mom you should know that you are always with me in my heart and thoughts.

We are all looking for a way to connect with the mother that we love. This is a way to reach out and do something special for Mom that she will not expect, unless you do this for her every year. It is also something people do not forget. Mom may not be able to describe the flowers that you sent her last year, but she would remember the hearts and lips in her front yard.

For more ideas check out our Youtube site to see some of our recent displays.

40th Birthday

Make a 40th birthday special. Whether you feel like “lordy lordy look who’s 40, being over the hill, or just now hitting your stride it is time to celebrate! This milestone birthday should be full of fun. One of our favorites ideas is to fill a lawn with tombstones and kisses for “Kiss your 30’s goodbye they are dead and gone”. One of our customers created this theme, we need to give credit where due. We provide the tools, they provide the creativity. Now is the time to surround your self with all of your favorite friends and family.

At age of 40, you could have a family. You have had many fun life experiences and gotten around the world a bit. Both success and failure are well known by now. You also have a good idea what type of people make you happy and sad. A 40th birthday is the time to celebrate with friends and family.

Gray hares or Gray hair?

Bucket list

You may have achieved some things on your bucket list with a good idea of what you’ve yet to experience. 40 may be the time a a mid life crisis. A sport car may help, but it is a temporary fix. Consider that you are older and wiser by now. Start new things while you are young and strong. Accept new challenges out of your comfort zone. Spend time in the water scuba diving or surfing. Take that afternoon and go jump out of a plane. Now is the ideal time! Where ever you go, what ever you do grab all you can an enjoy your birthday.

We make sure the front yard expresses your feelings and lets everyone know where you are. This is another milestone to a new decade. Whether you are saying good bye to the last decade or joyfully entering a new one. We help you decorate your font yard. For a laugh or fun. Just call us Flamingos by night (480) 483-3200. We deliver in the Phoenix metro area every night. You can see more examples at our display page or our Youtube channel .

80th Birthday

80th Birthday

Everyone knows your 80th birthday today when your yard is full of big numbers to announce the achievement. Welcome to a new decade. For most people it also marks the year in your life where you have had the chance to see 1000th full moon.

Family and Friends

But this also brings questions. Who will come to see you on your 80th birthday? Your family? How many generations of your family will be there? Your friends? How many old friends do you have left? If you are lucky many people will want to celebrate with you. May your family be there to give you hugs and talk about all of the memories they have.

Now What?

Your 80th birthday should be among the memories. These memories maybe the most lasting thing you give to the younger generations. May you have a joyous day. When 80 Pablo Picasso said ‘Youth has no age.’ He created 140 canvases in his late 80s. Maybe now is the time you test your creative juices. With modern art today anything is acceptable. Learning something new is always good for you.


After for scores of years on this trip to the planet you are considered one of the elder statesmen. Your experience and knowledge exceeds most others. Your consul is far wiser those with less experience. Knowledge is power and you have more than most people. Anyone that knows you should use your wisdom. Just the fact that you are here means you are well above average. Life expectancy today in the U.S. is 78.7 years old. You have surpassed even this. You should celebrate your achievement.


Flamingos by night can help make an unforgettable presentation for the 80th birthday. We have big number 80’s and many other items to mark the occasion. Check our our display page for more ideas. Our Youtube site has current examples of what to expect. We deliver every night in the Phoenix metro area. Call us we can help you create a great memory.

13th Birthday

Welcome to your teenage years. It’s your 13th birthday you are officially past your childhood years. It may not seem like a big change, but it is a big milestone of accomplishment. Some people see this as the age of change. You may notice you are growing faster than you have in the past. Life for you is changing. You are now officially a teenager.

13th birthday

Now you have achieved the age to see more movies. PG-13 was created just for your age group in 1984. The rating was created because it was felt teenagers have the maturity to view more graphic content. The film “Red Dawn” was the first film with the PG-13 rating.

Ideas list

Now may be the best time to start and idea list. As you see the world around you just add any ideas that you have to your idea list. You can keep this for future use. You maybe surprised how fast you are changing now you are in your teenage years. Just remember Anne Frank received her first diary when she was 13. Her diary has been read by millions of people around the world. An idea list could morph into a diary once you start to write.

13’s, basketballs, smiles

Birthdays are special for teenagers. Doing something they will not forget leaves a lasting imprint in their memory. Don’t let this one slip by without creating a memory they cannot forget. Put a smile on a newly minted teenager’s face. Let them know how special they are to you. This could be an outing with friends or doing something special with family. You know them best plan well. For ideas of what to combine check our our displays page or our Youtube site.

A wish for you

The thirteen birthday, marks the beginning of lots of changes and life experiences you now have available. Some of these will be glorious and some will be mundane. We hope that this birthday starts some of the best years of your life.

16th Birthday

16th Birthday

A 16th birthday is half way through the teen age years and time to celebrate. Start the day with a surprise in the front yard with big number 16s and any of our other displays mixed to customize the message for your teenager. If you are having a party later that day everyone will know where to go. All of the neighbor hood will know why today is special. This is also just right for a drive by party. Many teens have this day tied to their first drivers license. Just check this video below to get a idea of what can be done for your yard.

Big number 16s and hearts

Turning 16 is a milestone. Sixteen is the middle of the teenage years and the high point of adolescence. Many teens at sixteen are able to see that they can attain a goal that they have wanted since childhood. Others still do not have a plan in mind. But by this time they have good social connections. That means they can impress their friends with the decorations in the yard. Drive by parties are more fun with the big 16s.

Most teenagers really want attention. Putting one of our displays out for the birthday gets the attention many of them appreciate. Whether you accent a sport of just want a fun way to express your feelings your message will be loud and clear.

Big number 16s for your star

Flamingos by night has hearts, golf balls, baseballs, basketballs, volley balls or soccer balls to create the right mood for the great day. You can be creative or browse our display page for more ideas. You can customize the sign for your message for $5.00. A 4 x 6 inch card is also included for a private message for the birthday girl or boy.

50th Birthday

50th Birthday

Have a happy 50th Birthday with big number 50s, Dinosaurs and Hearts in the front yard. Never miss an opportunity to make a big impression on a day that one comes once in a lifetime. Spread some joy on the special day.

big 50s and dinosaurs

Do you know someone you know is turning 50 soon? Do you want to set the perfect mood for the 50th birthday? Flamingos by night can is the right place to get you started. Fifty is a milestone huge milestone you should celebrate!

50 and still fabulous

You may know someone turning 50 that is still fabulous. Say on a custom sign with 50s and red hot flames. Stay cool on your birthday even if you are still hot.

If you believe that 50 is the new 30 or one step closer to over the hill, Flamingos by night can get the day started right. No two people view this birthday the same. Some feel that 50 is old, but others have just begun. Others are just a few steps closer to retirement and have a great plans for life after work ends. Whether they are looking at a mid-life crisis or being able to spoil the grand kids start with one of our yard displays. But, Not everyone wants to have big number 50’s in the front yard to celebrate, but if they are proud of where they are in life it will be a day for pictures with their achievement. Just pick one of our 40 displays to make the right message for the birthday. The sign in the front yard can be customized for $5 to give just the right message for the day. You can browse our display page for more ideas.

Classic Flamingos Birthday

Wishing you a serene contented life with 50 flamingos

Looking for a classic birthday presentation? “Tickle someone pink” 50 flamingos in the front yard is our most popular pick. What does it represent? Flamingos symbolize serenity and a contented life. A great wish for anyone’s birthday. These birds also represent strength in the face of a storm or finding inner strength and harmony.

For those that need more proof

lots of 50’s

Our typical big number display is thirty items. But if you need more we can help. We can fill the yard with big numbers if you wish. It is hard to miss this many big numbers in the yard.

We deliver the display the night before the birthday. We deliver throughout the Phoenix metro area between 10:30 pm and 6 am. Our delivery price is based on distance, just use the quote estimator to the right to find what your rate will be. A sign with Happy Birthday or Happy 50th Birthday is included with the order. We also put a 4 x 6 card on the door with space for a personal message. Custom signs are just $5.00 more. There are options for a late pickup for after 11 pm if you have a party that day. Or they can stay for a second day for $35. Just call us to create your custom design.

21st Birthday

21st Birthday ideas

For a 21st birthday decorate your front yard with help from Flamingos by night. We have over 40 items to mix and match to get just the right message across to the birthday boy or girl. Make it a day that they will not forget. Waking up to a yard full of big number 21’s and what else makes them happy is a great way to start the day.

Turning 21 is a momentous occasion you should choose well to make the celebration a terrific day. You can do something that you will be remembered for years to come. Although there are plenty of ways to celebrate the big 21, you should always opt for an idea or theme that feels right for you. Check out our display page , Facebook Page or YouTube channel for ideas to set the tone for the birthday. You can either go all out with your friends or seize the opportunity to relax and unwind. Have a safe happy 21st birthday.

Birthday examples for the yard

The happy 21st birthday

Happy 21st B-day with big number 21s, Stars and Hearts in the front yard. Never miss an opportunity to make a big impression on a day that one comes once in a lifetime. Spread some joy on the special day.

The formal 21st birthday

Happy 21st B-day with big number 21s and Penguins in the front yard. This is the formal version of Happy Birthday. Penguins always show up for formal occasions. Never miss an opportunity to make a big impression on a day that one comes once in a lifetime. Black tie was optional for this birthday.

The proud 21st birthday

Happy 21st B-day with big number 21s and stars in the front yard. A day that one comes once in a lifetime. Spread some joy on the special day. This happens once in a lifetime. Make a memory. Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero, which is translated as “Seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow (the future)”from Horace sums up most 21st birthdays. A powerful statement for someone that is officially an adult.

Birthday Flamingos

Birthday Flamingos

Yes, you can have 50 pink birthday flamingos visit your front lawn for any occasion. Birthday’s, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s day or anything else you wish to celebrate. Everyone will notice that there is something special going on. Also, a great way to show everyone where the party is. Just look for the 50 flamingos outside.

What do they look like?

Flocking your loved ones or your friends on a birthday is something that they will not forget. Do you remember what you received for your birthday three years ago? Your friends and family will know what happened on this birthday. So will all of your neighborhood. There is a 4×6 card that is usually placed on the front door knob. On the card is an explanation of proper daily care for plastic flamingos in the yard. Also on the card is a place for a personal message to the recipient. Many people send 50 flamingos anonymously. You can create your own personal message on this card. Flocking the front yard is eco friendly. We clean up after the birds when they are picked up. For the unforgettable experience just call us to schedule a delivery.

50 flamingos flew in for your birthday. The front yard is full of these plastic birds. Which is good the real ones are a pain to clean up after hanging around all day. Old Scottish lore believes flamingos represent virtue and preparedness to get a job done. Pink Flamingos can also represent serenity and a contented life (you could say they are “tickled pink”). This is a great birthday wish for a friend. Enjoy the day with the birds.

Deliveries every night

Make birthday’s special with a flamingo delivery. We delivery every night all year long. So no matter when that special day falls we can help.

Say it your way

50 Flamingos are the most common way to celebrate, but we are flexible. We have over 50 different displays that you can mix and match to get just the right display for the your event. Flamingos and big numbers can be combined for a milestone birthday or anniversary. Big red hearts are also a nice way to show the birthday girl or boy is loved. Our display page can give you more ideas or you can check out our youtube channel also.

Get creative and do something memorable