Birthday Flamingos

Birthday Flamingos

Yes, you can have 50 pink birthday flamingos visit your front lawn for any occasion. Birthday’s, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s day or anything else you wish to celebrate. Everyone will notice that there is something special going on. Also, a great way to show everyone where the party is. Just look for the 50 flamingos outside.

What do they look like?

Flocking your loved ones or your friends on a birthday is something that they will not forget. Do you remember what you received for your birthday three years ago? Your friends and family will know what happened on this birthday. So will all of your neighborhood. There is a 4×6 card that is usually placed on the front door knob. On the card is an explanation of proper daily care for plastic flamingos in the yard. Also on the card is a place for a personal message to the recipient. Many people send 50 flamingos anonymously. You can create your own personal message on this card. Flocking the front yard is eco friendly. We clean up after the birds when they are picked up. For the unforgettable experience just call us to schedule a delivery.

50 flamingos flew in for your birthday. The front yard is full of these plastic birds. Which is good the real ones are a pain to clean up after hanging around all day. Old Scottish lore believes flamingos represent virtue and preparedness to get a job done. Pink Flamingos can also represent serenity and a contented life (you could say they are “tickled pink”). This is a great birthday wish for a friend. Enjoy the day with the birds.

Deliveries every night

Make birthday’s special with a flamingo delivery. We delivery every night all year long. So no matter when that special day falls we can help.

Say it your way

50 Flamingos are the most common way to celebrate, but we are flexible. We have over 50 different displays that you can mix and match to get just the right display for the your event. Flamingos and big numbers can be combined for a milestone birthday or anniversary. Big red hearts are also a nice way to show the birthday girl or boy is loved. Our display page can give you more ideas or you can check out our youtube channel also.

Get creative and do something memorable