2D displays

2 dimensional displays

Our standard display with 2D items is 30 pieces of one item ( ie hearts ) or a combination that you choose that has 30 items.  Mix and match to get just the right message.  This day only comes once in a life time.  Make a memory that will last.

Our big numbers are 2 ft high. Our lips, fish, shamrocks, flames stand 2 feet above ground. Thirty items fill a standard size yard. You can go big with more items. Just call for a quote on a custom display. You can also extend the visit with a late pickup or a 2nd day option.

Thirty Brightly colored fish delivered to your front yard for a birthday. No one else in your neighborhood has fish in the front yard. Everyone will know where the birthday is today. What else could create smiles on this special day? Flamingos by night makes a birthday special.

Turning 18 with a decorated yard. Great for a drive by party. Everyone will know where to go. Everyone nearby will also get the message that this day is special. This marks the last two years of being a teenager. Finish your teen years strong and enjoy this phase.