Flamingos to adopt

Flamingos to adopt


pari of flamingos
Mated pair of flamingos to keep

Adopt a mated pair of Don Featherstone’s 1957 original pink flamingos!   $45.00
Good looking, well-behaved, loyal, easy-care pets. Flamingos  are monogamous they mate for a life time of enjoyment.  This makes for a great anniversary gift.  These are the American flamingos the only plastic flamingo species native to North America.  Our flamingos come with adoption papers.


Dinosaur to adopt

plastic dinosaur

Adopt a friendly dinosaur for available for $45. The dinosaur is 18 inches tall. This is from the original collection from Union Products Don Featherstone. New in sealed plastic wrap. Flamingos by night also supplies custom adoption papers with each dinosaur.

Penguin to adopt

plastic yard penguin

Adopt a friendly penguin for available for $45. The penguin stands 22 inches tall. Comes with Flamingos by night adoption papers for each penguin.

Bat to adopt

plastic bat

Adopt a friendly bat for $45. The bat have red eyes. These are the Don Featherstone bats from Union Products. They have a 22″ wing span.

You can see more examples at our display page or our YouTube channel.