We service the entire metro Phoenix areas, as well as most other cities in Arizona. Pricing is based on distance from our NE Phoenix location and start at $85 for most items. Final pricing is based on distance.

For an estimate, type the full address in the box on the right.

We are based in NE Phoenix and service the entire metro area. But we can go almost anywhere in the state with a little notice – price based on distance. Call us for pricing outside the Phoenix metro area, 480-483-3200

All our displays come with a 2′ x 3′ sign, and a delivery card on which we place your personal message. We also have 2′ x 2′ customizable signs. We have ideas for messages if you want inspiration. You may purchase items to keep (adoptions), T-shirts and stuffed toys as mementos.

Regular service: delivery is between 10:30PM-6AM, they stay out all day, then we pick them up at 6 PM.  We can usually arrange custom delivery times for you as well.  See pricing below.

Regular displays:  50 Flamingos or  turtles

40 Bats, gray hares or rabbits

30 Baseballs, basketballs, bells, candy canes, dinosaurs, fish, flames, footballs, frogs, golf balls, hearts, kisses/lips, penguins, pigs, shamrocks, smiley faces, soccer balls, softballs, stars, storks, tennis balls, tombstones, volleyballs, numbers or yellow ribbons.

Basketballs, soccer balls or volley balls $ 10 more. Dinosaurs, pigs, penguins, or storks $ 20 more.

We also do combinations of different items. Pricing is an average of the items chosen.

Additional services:

Customized 2’x2′ sign + $ 5

Superflock or herd (1 ½ flock ) + $ 25 – 30

Double flock or herd + $ 50 – 60

Daytime delivery + $ 25

Indoor delivery + $35

Late pick-up   ( 10:00 pm) + $ 10

2nd day  (leave the flock for an extra day!) + $ 45

We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, debit cards, cash, checks and money orders.

For an estimate, type the full address in the box on the right.