Teacher Appreciation

Teacher appreciation week is May 4th – May 8th 2020. How will you celebrate?

Yes, you can have your favorite teacher’s yard decorated to show everyone how special they are. Make it a special day or week, we have special rates for teacher appreciation week. This is great for a drive by or just for pictures for Facebook memories. At the end of the school year flamingos symbolize it is time to get out out and socialize. Your teacher has been working hard for months. Let them know now is a short break for them. We have custom signs that let you express just what you want. This creates a memory that will last for each teacher. Doing something special is always a way to be remembered. Being remembered this way will bring forth a big smile and sweet memories.

2019-2020 school year

This year brought more challenges than most years. Our teachers did much to support the kids in a changing world. We know they do more than just teach every day.

Flamingos by night can help you craft a heartfelt message in the front yard of your teacher. This shows everyone how you feel. This year may be just the right time to have a drive by celebration. So don’t be shy let everyone know how you feel about this year’s teacher. You can check out our current work at our Youtube site. Our displays fill a average size yard. If you have more space we can customize a larger display for you. We also have a special multi-day rate for teacher displays in 2020. Just call us (480) 483-3200 we can help.

We deliver every night between 11 pm and 6 am in the morning. When the sun rises a big surprise is there for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to tell the teacher how you feel about them. We will return after 7 pm to pickup the display items.