Yard Sign Birthday

A Yard Sign for a Birthday

Yes, you can make a custom yard sign for a birthday with a display from Flamingos by night. Your message will accompany a yard full of your favorite display items. Our signs are 33 inches tall and 24 inches wide. There is space for 5 lines of text with about 14 characters per line. A space also needs to be counted for multiple words on a line. Here are some examples of what our customers have created.

Standard Signs

Yard sign birthday

This is a standard Happy Birthday yard sign. These signs are included in all orders

Happy 55th birthday yard sign

This is a standard Happy Birthday sign with the birth number

Custom Signs

Happy 8th Bird-Day 8 is great sign

Say what you want for a special message

Happy 20th anniversary love mom and dad sign

Everyone will see your message. Leaving no doubt about the celebration

Honk for frank's 50th birthday sign

For a moving celebration or just a drive by event

Go hog wild on your 20th birthday sign

A permission slip for you to have as much fun as possible.

blank is 46 & smoking hot sign

Just perfect for that mid life crisis birthday

Flamingos by night gives you more than just a sign we have over 40 items to decorate your front yard. See some examples at our displays page or our YouTube channel. A picture is worth a thousand words. We give you big items to make a bold statement to everyone about your feelings for the day. Our typical displays fill an average front yard. It may be over powering for a smaller space, but they will get your message loud and clear. If your yard happens to be larger we can increase the size of the display to create an impressive exhibit.

People love to celebrate. As long as anyone can discover we have always made up something make into a big party. Winter festivals for the shortest day, autumn festivals for the harvest, a king’s birthday or a national holiday are all good reasons to eat drink and be merry. We help you make your birthday, anniversary or retirement a celebration that is not easy to forget. Thank you’s for help given is also memorable with flamingos, hearts, kisses or anything else that commemorates the event. Adding joy to someone’s birthday is one of those things that makes someone feel special.

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